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It is possible for China's prefabricated buildings to overtake in corners

Prefabricated homes china refer to buildings assembled with prefabricated
parts on site, mainly including prefabricated concrete buildings, steel
structures and modern wood structures. This kind of building has the advantages
of fast construction speed, little restriction by climatic conditions, saving
resources and energy, reducing construction pollution, saving labor and
improving building quality.

The more popular saying is that high-rise buildings with ten storeys can be
assembled just like building blocks. " This statement is more vivid, but not
accurate enough." Some people say that prefabricated parts in prefabricated
buildings are processed by advanced production methods, with particularly high
precision, and on-site assembly can improve the quality and efficiency of the

As we all know, Japan is a country with many earthquakes. Prefabricated
buildings started earlier and developed better in Japan and have already been
tested by strong earthquakes. In developed countries, such as Germany and
Singapore, prefabricated buildings are also the mainstream, accounting for about
80%. China started late and is vigorously pursuing the industrialization of
construction and developing prefabricated buildings.

1. There are still some obstacles in the development process of the whole
building industrialization. One is that the technical system is not perfect
enough. At present, China is still doing research and development by enterprises
themselves, which is intermittent and has not formed a perfect system.

2. There is not enough research and development for supporting parts
enterprises, especially for hanging board enterprises and insulation integration
enterprises. The whole interface with the building is not particularly perfect,
which needs to continue to strengthen research and development and

3. The talent team is extremely short. It was originally developed in an
extensive way, and many of them were migrant workers who dropped their hoes to
work. Although the number of workers needed on the spot is small, it is
difficult to recruit them. At the same time, they do need skilled workers. They
should be perfect in design, construction, production, processing and

After all three aspects have been completed, the development of China's
prefabricated buildings can achieve overtaking in corners.

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