Proper Use Of New Design Expandable Hoses


    The new design expandable hose is usually a heat-resistant ventilating hose for ventilation and exhaust. Many hoses are often found on the market such as "400-degree high temperature hose, 500 degree high temperature hose, 600 degree high temperature resistance". Telescopic hoses, up to 900 degrees high temperature hoses, etc., the air duct series has a wide variety of products, different high temperature range and high temperature hose performance of different materials are different, and its application is different. So what are the things that we should pay attention to when using new design expandable hoses in production and life?

    First, to determine the temperature limit of the product, the use of the product beyond the limit temperature will cause the hose is not durable. For example, 400 degree high temperature air hose ventilation refers to the use of 400 degrees at normal temperature, and the instantaneous temperature reaches 450 degrees (only for short time use). If it is used for a long time at temperatures outside the limits that the hose can withstand, it will result in a hose that is not durable. Therefore, when using a new design hose or other industrial hose, it must be kept at the standard temperature, and the highest temperature can be reached instantaneously, but it can not exceed the standard temperature for a long time to avoid the hose rupture.

    Second, the new design hose can be retractable or non-retractable. In use, it should be noted that the non-retractable hose cannot be compressed together, and should not exceed its minimum bending radius when bending; the retractable hose is stretched. Do not stretch excessively, and do not stretch hard beyond its standard length.

    Third, the new design expandable hose can be used to pay attention to the pressure range, divided into positive pressure and negative pressure, positive pressure hose is used for ventilation or ventilation; negative pressure hose is used for ventilation, negative pressure hose is available In the case of ventilation and exhaust, the positive pressure hose is used for ventilation. If the pressure is too high, the hose will be flattened or broken. Therefore, it is necessary to distinguish whether it is pumped outward or outward.

    Fourth, the size of the hose, the new design hose is generally used for industrial ventilation and exhaust, usually the new design hose is installed on the production equipment, so the size of the new design hose must be as If the hose diameter is too large, the hose may leak at the interface after the device is connected, and the normal exhaust air exhaustion cannot be completed. If the pipe diameter is too small, the hose cannot be connected to the device, and the wind speed of the ventilation and exhaust air is also There will be certain restrictions that directly affect the normal operation of our industrial equipment.

    5. The medium in the hose is different. The circulating medium in the tube is different. The hose used is different. Some of the circulating medium is chemical. At this time, the new design expandable hose we use must be able to prevent the corrosion of chemical products. And we have chosen a new design expandable hose that meets the requirements of the concentration and temperature of the circulating medium. We need to transport the different components of the medium with new design hoses of different materials.

    Today, Xiaobian has summed up so much for you. I hope that friends who use the new design expandable hose can understand the daily use of the hose.