What do landscaping companies need to pay attention to?


    Landscaping projects should not only meet the functional requirements, but also display pleasing landscape artistic effects and reflect the beauty of the garden. To do a good job in landscaping projects, many details cannot be ignored, so what should landscaping companies pay attention to? Let's briefly introduce the details that need to be paid attention to.

    1. Don't mix garden plants randomly. Garden plants are all living individuals. Designers should fully consider the local soil conditions and ecological environment, and can imagine the effects of plant growth in several years and the impact on the surrounding environment.

    2. Don't only pay attention to the visual grandeur and formal beauty, but also ignore the project investment and future management costs. Lawn fever, which has arisen in recent years, has occurred in all large and medium-sized cities. Eventually, due to its high management and maintenance costs, many miscarriages occurred, resulting in great waste of manpower and material resources. This lesson is also profound.

    3. Can't ignore the harmony and unity with the local environment, destroy the overall ecological environment. The natural terrain is a gift from nature to us, so when designing the landscape, we should fully consider the harmony and unity with the local environment. Because of the mountain, the water forms and the scenery emerges from the environment.

    4. It is inappropriate to pursue high-grade, luxurious, far away from nature and against nature. For example, in the water body design of rooftop park, as long as we let nature take its course and plant wet plants on the curved lakeshore and aquatic plants such as lotus flowers and lotus flowers in the lake, we will form a beautiful and friendly natural landscape.

    5. Can't blindly imitate, copy, lack of personality. Every garden work should have its own unique style and local characteristics, and should deeply reflect the profound cultural and historical connotation of the region.

    6. It is inappropriate to lack humanistic care and ignore people's needs. The purpose of urban landscaping is to beautify people's life and cultivate people's sentiment. Therefore, it is very important to put people first in design.

    At present, many cities have grand squares. However, the ground of such a large square is either paved with hard floor or dominated by lawns. Only a small amount of trees are arranged on both sides of the road. Even if there are many rest facilities, they have to be placed under the open air. In hot summer and rainy season, there is no shade of trees or facilities to cover the rain, and no one can stay here for a long time.

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