Difficulties Faced by Metal Hose Manufacturers


    Nowadays, there are many problems faced by metal hose manufacturers. Simply say the following:

    1. Production costs have risen too fast, raw materials have generally risen, labor costs have risen too fast, and the problem of labor difficulties and labor shortages has become very prominent. The wages of workers in coastal areas such as the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta have generally risen. The above two "costs rise too fast" squeezed the profit margin of metal hose companies.

    2. The burden of metal hose manufacturers is still relatively heavy, and the fees charged by enterprises are still too high and high, and illegal and illegal fees still exist. For example, some places use the charges to ease financial difficulties. Some departments use their power to collect the interests of the department, and some grassroots law enforcement officers use the fees to obtain personal benefits.

    3. Since last year, in order to consolidate the results of the financial crisis, China has implemented a prudent monetary policy. It has raised the bank deposit reserve ratio for 12 consecutive times, and the scale of credit has been reduced, resulting in small and medium-sized metal hose enterprises, especially small and micro-metals. The difficulty of financing the management of the enterprise has been further increased. A large number of small and medium-sized metal hose manufacturers have solved the urgent need through private lending. The borrowing rate has reached 50%-100%, and the financing cost remains high.

    4. Most small and medium-sized metal hose manufacturers are at the low end of the traditional industrial value chain, weak in technological innovation, extensive production and operation, low equipment level, shortage of professional talents, lack of independent intellectual property rights and brands, mainly relying on “low cost, low price, "Low profit" participates in competition, it is difficult to digest the rising factors of operating costs in time, adapt to the realistic requirements of transforming the development mode and adjusting and optimizing the economic structure.

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