The best length to meet all your outdoor watering needs


    You probably already have a garden hose. Chances are, it's cumbersome, tangles easily and is a pain to roll back up. But, folks, there's a better option: It's easy to handle, it never kinks, and it's a true game changer for gardeners and and outdoor enthusiasts everywhere.

    It's Gaozhan's high quality expandable hose, and once you've tried it, you'll never go back to using an old-school garden hose again.

    This newly designed expandable hose will never tangle, twist or kink. It can expand up to three times its original length when in use, and it can retract down to its original shape for compact, easy storage.

    Unlike other garden hoses, Gaozhan's expandable hose has three layers for maximum durability. There's a double layer natural latex core which is protected by tough polyester fabric. The fittings are topnotch, too, and won't break, crack, leak or corrode even in extreme high and low temperatures.

    The 74-foot Gaozhan expandable hose is the perfect length to handle all your outdoor watering and washing needs. If you have a smaller yard, though, or just don't need much length, there's multiple sizes are available.

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