Guanfeng Food Machinery Manufacturers Share The Precautions For

  • The use of air-cooled freezer to understand the use of the matter can help customers to better use the unit. In fact, the air-cooled freezer is the air-cooled chiller that we often say. It is a common one in refrigeration equipment. The reasonable use of the unit can not only avoid the unit failure, but also make the cooling effect more stable. What should you pay attention to when using an air-cooled freezer? The following Guanfeng Food Machinery manufacturers will explain in detail for you.

    1. Before using the air-cooled freezer, you must carefully read the instructions for using the air-cooled freezer, and then properly install, debug and normal use the equipment.
    2. The air-cooled freezer should be installed in a stable, ventilated and open place, and the ambient temperature of the installed unit should not exceed 38-40 °C. After all, the air-cooled freezer is cooled by the fan and exchanged with the air. If the temperature is too high and the heat is not good, the temperature of the unit will not drop, or a high-voltage fault will occur.
    3. The tap water can be filtered to ensure that the water is clean and free from impurities. The pipeline installation of the unit should be reasonable. The pipe throat size and the unit should be matched. The water pipe size should not be reduced. Otherwise, high-voltage overload will occur, which will affect the quality effect and increase the power consumption.
    4. Our commonly used air-cooled freezer power supply is 3-phase 380V 50HZ (1p air-cooled freezer / 2p air-cooled chiller is 220V), so when the unit is connected to the electric system, it must be connected according to the nameplate. Corresponding power supply voltage. In addition, the power supply to the unit abroad will be different.
    5. The order of operation of the unit should be noted. After connecting the unit to the equipment that needs to be cooled, first turn the power to the ON position, then turn on the chilled water pump switch, and open all the chilled water inlet and outlet valves. After the compressor starts to start cooling, the chilled water will pass. The water outlet is delivered to the cooled equipment. When shutting down the unit, shut down in the reverse order of operation.

      6, the air-cooled freezer is used for 6 months, after 1 year after the zui, we must remember to do the maintenance work for the unit. During the working process, the impurities in the water will accumulate on the pipe wall to form scale. Therefore, whether it is a pipe, an evaporator condenser or a fan, it must be remembered to clean and ensure that the cooling effect of the unit remains in good condition.
    6. When the air-cooled freezer fails, the corresponding indicator light on the unit's control panel will light up and give a warning sound. At this time, the unit should be shut down and inspected in time. When the company does not have professional crew maintenance personnel, please let the manufacturer of the freezer first, and the manufacturer shall guide or arrange the maintenance personnel to handle it.