Fruit Processing Machine Manufacturers Share The Installation O

  • Today Fruit Processing Machine manufacturers come to share knowledge of food processing machines:
    The selection of the total power distribution capacity of the equipment. Usually, when the company calculates the power load, it adds the power of all the electrical equipment on the equipment, and adds the appropriate working power, and summarizes the total power load and equipment. Power supply equipment higher than this value, into transformers, capacitor compensation equipment, switchgear, metering equipment, high and low voltage cables. However, after the internship verification, the results calculated by this method will often be formed. When calculating the total load of electricity, if only the power calibration values ​​are simply added, and the factors such as the power factor and the working rate and the starting rate together, and the insurance factor set by the main motor of the imported production line are too high, the company will be formed. .

    The quality of the power supply directly affects the normal operation of the production line, the voltage is unstable, there are large harmonics in the waveform, and the power is turned off in an instant. For the production line with chemical reaction, high temperature and high pressure, dangerous and explosive technology, the scene of the sudden power outage should be eliminated, and a special line should be set up. For the production line with a PC, an uninterruptible power supply should also be added.

    Compressed air pressure, impurities, moisture, etc. will also affect the normal operation of the production line. According to the gas consumption and pressure requirements of the equipment, the air compressor, oil-water separator, dryer and gas storage tank produced by the manufacturer shall be purchased. Safety equipment, etc.

    There are usually three ways of production line devices: self-propelled devices, trusted devices, and external devices. The strength of the self-installation device can be trained, saving the cost of the device. The defect is a certain danger. If there is a problem in the equipment during commissioning, the seller will shirk the responsibility to the device. The strength of the handling device is that the device is of good quality, the device cost is low, and the service is timely.