Fruit Processing Machine Manufacturers Share Knowledge Of Noodl

  • Fruit Processing Machine Manufacturers share the processing principles of noodles:

    1. Mixing and stirring: The purpose of mixing is to make the flour absorb appropriate water and salt to form gluten. Flour, salt, and water are stirred in the noodle mixer for 10~15 minutes according to the specified amount. The temperature of the water when mixing the noodles is 10~15oC.

    There are two types of noodle mixers: vertical and horizontal: both have a few roots on the shaft. The advantage of the vertical noodle mixer is that the uniform gluten is well formed, but the power consumption is large. The horizontal noodle machine has a long tube and the water surface is not evenly distributed but consumes less power.

    1. Calendering: After the raw materials are taken out from the mixer, (firstly, two pairs of surface rolls of the same diameter are simultaneously passed, and two pieces of the dough strips are combined and then merged into the next set of surface rolls. That is, the speed is further calendered) The distribution and the formation of the gluten are very even, and the appropriate face is made to cut the strip.
      Slicing: After the finely pressed noodle strip enters the forming knives, it is cut into thick or special strips of noodles as needed.