Fruit Processing Machine Manufacturers Share Why You Want To Dr

  • Today's life is fast-paced, so people will simplify our lives as much as possible, but they don't want to lower the quality of life. gf-machine Fruit Processing Machine The manufacturer uses dried fruit as an example to explain why it is convenient to store such fruits.

    The fruit should be kept below 12% and can be stored for a long time; the drying process needs to ensure that the carbohydrates are not lost.

    Vitamin A is easily oxidized, and vitamin C is easily destroyed by heat and is easily oxidized.

    Color is an important indicator of the acceptance of dried fruits. It is very important to maintain the natural color of the material during dehydration and drying. If it is not handled properly, it is prone to undesirable color changes such as yellow, brown or black.

    Aromatic substances are volatile and easily lost. drying tends to retain aromatic heavy substances, while aromatic substances largely determine the flavor of the material.

    The drying temperature is generally controlled below 75 degrees, and the relative humidity is 25-75%, ensuring that the ingredients do not change during the drying process, and the structure is not damaged.