Make A Simple Circular Hole for The Furniture Mould


    For the processing of Furniture Mould(FURNITUREMOULD), it is best to make a simple circular hole, try not to make holes with complex shapes. The diameter of the hole should not be too small. The hole depth and the aperture ratio should not be too large, but the furniture mould core is thin and easy to break and deform. The proper distance between the hole and the outer edge of the injection moulded part is 1.5 times the diameter of the hole. Preferably, the distance between the holes is twice the diameter of the hole, so that the product has the necessary strength and rigidity. A hole parallel to the opening direction of the furniture mould is formed by closing or kissing the core. If the holes are not parallel to the direction of the die opening, these holes are formed using an elevator or slider. The holes in the side walls should be designed to close or close, without affecting the use and assembly of the parts.

    The boss acts as a support for the moulded insert or as a stud for the assembled part. The boss's design should avoid sinking and sharp corners. The wall thickness of the boss should be less than three-quarters of the normal wall thickness. Parts other than the circle should be avoided, partly to avoid stress and partly to reduce the cost of the furniture mould. The position of the bosses is important for the overall strength of the moulded part, and the bosses are usually incorporated at the corners or along the wall side by ribs as necessary.

    When the boss is used for a metal insert, it should be designed to receive the insert. The metal insert itself should have no sharp corners, and where knurled inserts are used, the knurling should be circular. In a well-designed system, since the plastic has a higher coefficient of expansion than the metal, the boss will shrink to the insert during cooling.

    When the boss is used for self-tapping screws, special attention must be paid to the inner diameter and wall thickness. It is generally recommended that the inner diameter be the pitch of the screw and the outer diameter should be 2.5 times the diameter of the screw. When the screw is driven home, the boss should be independent to relieve stress.

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