Furniture Mould Design Point of View


    From the point of view of the Furniture Mould(FURNITUREMOULD) design, the moulding comprising the bosses should have an ejector pin or sleeve joined at the base of each boss in the cavity for ease of extraction. This also allows air to escape, thereby avoiding burn marks on the surface and incomplete filling of the cavity.

    When the boss is used for a metal insert, it should be designed to receive the insert. The metal insert itself should have no sharp corners, and where knurled inserts are used, the knurling should be circular. In a properly designed system, the boss will shrink to the insert on the cooling boss, typically for two plastic components or embedded components of the self-tapping assembly.

    Existing metal or plastic components are positioned within the furniture mould for a second moulding, and those that are already present are referred to as inserts. When the plastic product design needs to be inserted, the insert in the furniture mould must be complete, the positioning is accurate and reliable, and the insert must be firmly connected to the moulded part. When the plastic circular insert is too small, the strength difference is there, and it is not considered. Leakage plastic.

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