The Degree of Maintenance of The Dustbin Mould Is Determined by


    1. Material: Aluminum or soft tools wear out in a shorter period of time than tools made from traditional tool steel. Dustbin Mould(FURNITUREMOULD) made of hardened steel last longer than conventional die steel moulds.

    2. Complexity: Dustbin moulds with complex mechanisms or parts that require unreasonable high precision require more maintenance than simple double-plate tools that produce low-precision parts. Rails, lifts, internal cores, hydraulic and mechanical systems, hot runners, complex injector systems or organizations with small components add maintenance plans.

    3. Moulding material: A material with a high melt temperature wears the mould faster than a low-temperature mould. Higher melting temperatures expose the metal to more heat and enhance material wear. The filler material is abrasive because the filler is not a liquid. Glass fibres, mineral fillers (usually mica), etc. are very abrasive to metals, and after thousands of cycles they tend to flush out the die steel.

    4. Abuse: Excessive clamping pressure, high injection pressure, open and close the dustbin mould, do not lubricate the appropriate parts, pop out multiple times, make the mould close or close part of the ejecting part, which is to increase some plastic injection maintenance The only way is China Molding Company.

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