Deep Drawing Is Also Very Difficult for The Dustbin Mould


    Deep drawing is also very difficult when machining on parts such as Dustbin Mould(FURNITUREMOULD). In addition, processing such a large formwork will result in up to half of the original billet being processed, making it an uneconomical process. To overcome this problem, the dustbin mould will be cast from a suitable steel, which is often very similar to the steel plate previously discussed for smaller tools.

    The cavity mould is cast in a similar manner to other metal casting techniques using patterns in the sand mould. It is common practice to incorporate a complete water temperature control channel and a cored pin drive strategy during the casting process and similar features that are difficult or expensive to the machine in the finished casting. The professional foundry will carry out this casting work.

    Although the steel used for casting is similar to the steel used for the flat plate, there are subtle differences because the structure of the cast steel makes it not tandem like steel or forged steel. Therefore, cast grade steel is selected to make the crystal as fine as possible to obtain maximum quality and strength.

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