Polishing liquid ph value of China Polishing Machine

  • In the process of polishing the workpiece, many technicians are difficult to put the amount of polishing liquid. Because China Polishing Machine .
    The ph value of the polishing liquid plays a large role in the polishing process. Excessive or too few artifacts are always unsatisfactory.

    The experimental results show that when polishing liquids with different pHs, the roughness of the same workpiece after polishing at the same time has obvious differences. When the time is 2.h, when the ph value is slightly acidic (4-6) or slightly alkaline (7.5-8), the roughness of the object to be polished is small. When the initial pH is 6.5 or 7 and greater than 8, the roughness is large.

    Therefore, during the polishing process, the rigorous operation process is the key to polishing efficiency and polishing yield. Not only should the polishing abrasive be carefully selected, but the polishing fluid should also be used with caution. I hope that our perfect service will bring more benefits to our customers.