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  • When you start up a new website, you have 2 immediate goals.2%. Try it for yourself and see the traffic come rolling in. Whether you are selling products, giving away information, or just want visitors, the 2 goals still apply. You want the search engines to notice you, and get you into the search results pages so you can get a chunk of that rich search traffic. So, the next goal is to get your links onto other sites.9%, which is powered by Google, bringing the total searches that Google handles at 53. Get as much quality traffic as possible. Do you know how they do it? Real pros know taking the legit way is the only way for permanent lasting traffic. So you get all of this for the meager price of a few articles.3% of all search engine searches. Without visitors, a website is nothing. 2. They visit many times a day. Most articles are between 400 and 500 words, with a couple of links at the end to your website, to get the best results. By getting your article into an article directory, Google will find your website fast and index it. So, those "black hat" SEO techniques are out.

    This means that it is likely that 42. Now that you know how the pros get all of this attention for free, you can apply it yourself to your own websites. They get traffic instantly. Google is smart and will in time (usually within weeks) weed out non-legitimate sites. When you know the right game plan, it is quite easy. Search engines walk a part of your site every time they visit. You are now the authority on the subject, afterall. So, we will discuss legitimate ways to get and build quality traffic. According to the Nielsen NetRatings, Google handles 46. Now, you could manually go around, email webmasters, but that takes too long. If you recall above, 80% of website traffic comes from search engines. 4. 2. 1. So, how does this all tie in with the second main goal of getting increased traffic you might ask. With that in mind, let's discuss your first goal with a new website.

    An article directory, on the other hand, is the perfect vehicle. Normally, from websites that have put up your article, recommending your site. They get new sites indexed in hours. If you want lasting traffic, you need to play the game by the right rules. When other authors grab a free copy of your article, with your attached resource box at the end containing links back to your site, you get even more coverage.56% of your traffic comes directly from Google. They even do it for free. 3. When the search engines love your site, they put it in front of people searching for topics. So, the best way to get crawled faster logically is to get them to visit more often. These new backlinks help even more with the search engines and indexing.

    You are now getting traffic from very relevant sources, PVC Decoration UV Varnish often your peers. At least 80% of the traffic to most websites comes directly from search engines. Sooner or later, Google will figure out sites that try to take shortcuts. Other traffic you'll get from websites. Writing 3 articles a week yields lots of traffic, and because the content stays out there working for you, it builds upon itself. Search engines visit sites by following links to your site from other sites they are walking. AOL search has 6. Consider these web traffic facts: 1.The pros know how to promote a site well. Both parties make out well in this instance. Providing information to potential visitors/clients is the key. . Many webmasters are more than willing to exchange good content, like an article, on their website for links. Get the search engines to notice you and index your pages. Google LOVES article directories.