Elevator Manufacturers Share Self-Help Tips

  • When the elevator door is open, don't rush into it, take a closer look at whether the elevator is coming, and prevent the foot from going empty. Do not take the “overweight” elevators, and do not take the “overage” and elevators that do not meet the standard of use. Such elevators have many safety hazards. Let's take a look at the elevator tips given by the Elevator Manufacturers .

    1. Do not rush in the elevator after entering the elevator. Do not push each other when going up and down the elevator.
    2. When the elevator stops running for any reason, immediately contact the outside with an alarm device such as an alarm bell, walkie-talkie or telephone in the elevator. During this period, it is necessary to calm down, so as to reduce the oxygen consumption and prevent suffocation in the confined space.
    3. If the alarm is invalid, you can intermittently call the elevator door to call for help to maintain physical strength.
    4. The most important thing is that you can't force the door or the door, so it is easy to increase the chance that the elevator will suddenly fall.
    5. How do people protect themselves when the elevator is falling?
      First aid mouth:
      The elevator suddenly stopped being afraid, and the emergency door was tapped.
      To be obedient with the rescue, press the layer button quickly.
      The back of the head is close to the wall of the elevator, and the neck of the hand is half-squatted.