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  • Blanche fuji Elevator Supplier Share The Prohibition Of Riding An Electric Car Into The Elevator Elevator Supplier analyze why it is strictly forbidden to ride an electric car into the elevator? Riding an electric car into the elevator is also uncivilized. At the moment when the elevator door was just opened, some people rushed in on the electric car, and did not look at anyone in the elevator. They rode into the elevator while riding the electric car. When they entered the elevator, they rushed very hard. In fact, the inside of the elevator obviously felt the elevator shaking a bit. In a dangerous situation, the elevator has started to continue down. When the electric vehicle enters the elevator, it occupies the space of the elevator, which greatly reduces the efficiency of the elevator and affects the normal use of the elevator by other owners. On the other hand, if the electric vehicle often enters and exits the elevator, it will inevitably The elevator creates a bump, which increases the failure rate of the elevator and accelerates the aging speed of the elevator.
    20 ноября 2018 г.